Drawing by Katie Zhao Charcoal on paper 18
Today my daughter Katie turns fifteen, and to celebrate her birthday, I've put together this selection of some of her artwork.

Drawings by Katie Zhao

Al Held, Passing Through, 51st-53rd and Lexington IRT-IND Transfer 1
You know that old adage about slowing down to smell the roses, well the NYC subway doesn't smell like roses, but it's definitely worth slowing down to take in the view.

New York City subway art

Raining Gold by Paul Bence 4
This post today is a pictorial ode to the rainy weather in the city, with a few beautiful photos of rain and wet pavement.

Rainy day in the city

Julian Beever Meeting Madame Butterfly, Mexico City 1
It's not permanent, it's in public spaces, people walk over it. So is sidewalk art actually art? I think these examples show what incredible art it can be.

Is it art? Sidewalk murals

USS Jason Dunham ship launch 4
For anyone who has read my prior posts, this update today represents a transition for me and my online presence. I've been blogging about the process of building this site, and up until now the site was password protected as I tinkered first in Dreamweaver and recently in WordPress. I've […]

My website turned blog is now live

Peter Beard photography and artwork 1
Peter Beard seems like the subject of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel who has moved between the world of fashion and a farm in Kenya, and merged both in his diaries and collages.

Peter Beard diaries and photographs

Kyle Gallup June Power 2009
Kyle Gallup lives in New York City and creates beautiful mixed media collage cases and panels, often using painted paper, graphite, ink, lithographic prints on wood panel.

ART: Kyle Gallup

"Project" Tales of Mere Existence 1
Ever work on a project - personal or work-related - that drove you mildly crazy? If so, here's a droll video from Agent XPQ (also known as Levni Yilmaz) that you might relate to.

Do ‘projects’ drive you bonkers?

Gary Shteyngart Book Trailer
If you thought great writers also need to be great readers, well, think again. Gary Shteyngart and a cast of characters, from James Franco to Mary Gaitskill, prove otherwise.

Gary Shteyngart’s LOL book trailer

Bravo Work of Art
Did you see the Bravo show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist? I saw around 20 minutes, but it raises a question about who & how art is judged. What do you think?

Can art be judged?

John Green NaNoWriMo 2
Young adult author John Green gives a pep talk during National Novel Writing Month, about writing 50,000 words in one month, and about his unusual hairstyle.

YA author John Green and his puff

Art for Refugees non profit
Art for Refugees in Transition (A.R.T.) helps rebuild individual and community identity for refugees worldwide with the indigenous art forms of each community.

Doing Good: Art for Refugees

StackedUp website 2
Here's a running list of creative and art-related websites. . The Jealous Curator Love this one for the title alone. A site from a curator who is inspired {and just a tad jealous} of amazing art every day http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/ koikoikoi A hip online visual arts magazine full of irreverent, provocative, […]

Cool creative websites

I think I've just crossed that line of having just enough knowledge to be truly dangerous. Don't panic though, the danger is only to myself.Well, I have to look at the bright side first before wallowing in too much self-pity. I have had some successes so far on my venture […]

Enough knowledge to be dangerous

drawing of a soccer player five
I'm glad I put the caveat in my headline "and other creative endeavors" because I'm going off on a tangent today to post a soccer drawing I made a few weeks ago. I've been working on my website non-stop from 9am this morning until 10pm tonight. But during the last […]


Starting this blog has already helped provide insight for some of the things I need to pay attention to when I launch my website, such as SEO. And it has also made me rethink my plan to tack this blog onto the site as a separate tab. I had a […]

Lost in PHP

a tree falls in the forest
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If I blog on this site and no one reads it, am I really a blogger? If I build a website, and no one views it, will I end up […]

SEO, uh-oh

With my new obsession and mild infatuation with Dreamweaver, I’ve become so engrossed with learning to format links and tinker with header styles, that I'm guilty of almost neglecting the reason I’m building the site in the first place: to fill it with rich and interesting content. Ah, content…please forgive […]

Web content? Oh yeah, right…

Having made my decision to build a website, and having decided to avoid over planning, to  stay nimble and spontaneous, I've discovered one of the pitfalls of this approach: it's really easy to get completely lost in the mechanics of building a site. Not even the mechanics, the design elements […]

A lesson about round corners

Fortunately I didn’t do too much damage the first week  I started to build my website and learned about the need to back up my files. During the second week I discovered a whole online community of people all about helping each other build websites. The main forum I’ve used […]

My new friend Dreamweaver