Wayne Thiebaud Cakes 1963 oil on canvas

Wayne Thiebaud Cakes 1963 oil on canvas

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  1. […] Artist: Wayne Thiebaud Title of Work: CakesYear Produced: 1963Medium: Oil on canvasSource: http://www.creativityfuse.com/2010/12/wayne-thiebaud-cake-paintings/wayne-thiebaud-cakes-1963-oil-on… […]

  2. […] I never had a strawberry shortcake. Sure I see them spinning in cases in the diner, looking like a Wayne Thiebaud painting. But no one really eats those do they? Well I guess they must or why would they have them. Unless […]

  3. Roberta Sandoval Wong

    The every day objects such as homemade cakes inspired my daughter to do this as her wedding cake rather than a homemade cake. Much more fun and creative.

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