OakOak Angry Bird in the City April 2011
I stumbled across the witty street art of OakOak who is described on his website as "a french artist who likes to play with urban elements."

Witty Street Art of OakOak

Old pier pylons, Hudson River, photograph by Ric Camcho
Ric Camacho lives in New York City and his photographs capture the beauty and grit of the big apple's diverse neighborhoods and colorful residents and visitors.

New York City Photographs by Ric Camacho

No strings attached, playtime in Red Hook, NY, photography by Jeff Colen 2
Jeff Colen has pursued his passion for photography, capturing a collection of striking and touching portraits and landscapes.

Photography by Jeff Colen

Dreaming of Joy (2), 6 panel, Buttons, Pins, by Ran Hwang 2008 2
Ran Hwang, a Korean-born artist based in Brooklyn, creates elegant wall installations using ordinary objects from the fashion industry.

Wall Installations of Ran Hwang

Wise Chip, Oil on Panel, 16" x 24" by Kevin Cyr
Kevin Cyr paints trucks, vans, and cars with an almost photo realist attention to detail. Yet there's something playful about the images, reminiscent of matchbox toy cars.

Vehicle paintings by Kevin Cyr

Summer.... by Robb North on Flickr 1
Here's a collection of summer images courtesy of Flickr and the Creative Commons.

Images of Summer

Spring Trail by Indy Kethdy on flickr
My favorite season of the year is fall, but spring is here in New York and it's crisp and beautiful.

Spring in Photos

Adrift 2005 by Sonia King, glass, ceramic, pyrite, fossils, gold, seashell, smalti, marble, turquoise 7
Sonia King infuses the mosaic craft with an original creative sensibility that results in beautiful organic works of art.

Mosaic Artwork of Sonia King