Enough knowledge to be dangerous

Enough knowledge to be dangerous

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I think I've just crossed that line of having just enough knowledge to be truly dangerous. Don't panic though, the danger is only to myself.Well, I have to look at the bright side first before wallowing in too much self-pity. I have had some successes so far on my venture to build a new website. For starters, I figured out how to launch this blog (I know that several million other people also made it this far, but I'm trying to stay positive). In addition, I've learned enough Dreamweaver to build a decent looking homepage with a navigation menu and links to another dozen pages that include images, video, and slideshows. Not bad for an HTML/CSS novice. HOWEVER... the challenge of trying to integrate blog functionality with my budding website is beginning to push me over the edge. I downloaded WordPress software onto my hard drive and I also uploaded it to my websites FTP server. And now, I can't figure out what to do next. Oh Blogging gods, please send me some help soon. I don't want to get all technical, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with how I downloaded the software. I had a choice of creating a new 'blog' directory, or downloading everything into my existing website directory. I selected the latter, and now all my existing website files and the new WordPress files are kind of one big happy family (make that one big dysfunctional family). I think I should have separated the files, but I had two choices and no instructions, so I just picked one. Now that I've downloaded the software, I'm  supposed to be able to click on an 'index.php' file and launch my new blog page. But it doesn't work. When I click on that file, it launches my website.It seems like my website and my new blog are now one and the same, mirror images, identical twins, doppelgangers. I've lost my blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a tiny setback that I'll figure out in no time. And off I go to try to figure it out now. Wish me luck!

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  1. Judy Rudikoff

    Can’t help; wish I could.

  2. Did you make this clipart? I love it!

    • Hi Sonya, no, I took advantage of the great free clip art on the web and this image was perfect, just how I felt that day!

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